Friday, December 9, 2011

2nd glance saturdays

Sharing ideas, fun new finds, tricks to use with your kids, items that are must buys are some of the things I love learning and hearing about from friends, other moms, or favorite magazines and of course pinterest! I am always up for hearing about or getting advice from others. 2nd glance saturdays is a way to share some of the things I have found or most importantly learned from others that I think are worth taking a 2nd glance!!

"As seen on TV" these items are always too good to be true, and do they ever really work?

I am not sure about many of those items but I can testify that the Gyro bowl is a must have. Especially if you have those toddlers that are incredibly independent but also a mess (knox graedyn.)

Gyros bowls can be turned upside down, sideways and slung around a million times (trust me it has been tested in my house) and the items inside the bowl will not spill.

Of course if you have more than one kid you might want to pick up one for each kid. Kase was convinced it was a space bowl and that he needed one for himself. So gyro bowls for everyone in my house. However if they keep me from picking up goldfish, grapes, and animals crackers then it is money well spent. They are great in the car, house or stroller. They are definitely worth a 2nd glance!

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