Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sometimes life hands us Sparkly TOMS!

Simple conversations we have with others about the weather, or shoes, or events do not always seem important or really that memorable at the time. Life can change in an instance!
Then those last conversations you had take on more meaning.

These cute shoes were a simple conversation piece I had with a parent on a school field trip the day of the wreck. A conversation she remembered as she watched me being loaded into the ambulance barefooted because the force had thrown my shoes off.
After I was released from the hospital she and her family brought me these new special shoes to my house.

A pair of shoes. Shoes that I have cried over and that she will never know how much have meant to me. These shoes are a small sign of the love and care that our family, friends, community, church family, and amazing husband have shown over and over.

I do not believe in coincidence or luck. I believe in God's plan for my life. These past few weeks God has shown me tremendous grace and blessings and I am learning to focus on those in my life. I have read the book of Job several times in my life and a lot more lately and am still amazed at his dedication to the Lord. I want to be more like Job. I have had to say good-bye to a precious child and watch his family deal with a tragedy. My only hope is in Christ.
My life has taken on a new "normal" for a little while. With my new pink shoes I have also taken on a yucky blue back brace (I wish it were pink). As yucky as it feels and looks I know that it is a daily reminder of what God has saved me from. I am so blessed to be able to walk away in just a back brace.
If this is Gods way of telling me to slow down well I am definitely getting the message. I can not be up for over 30 minutes at at time and that is limited to 5-6 times a day. Also with a 5 pound weight limit of what I can pick up, knocks out my 25 pound 14 month old and my 32 pound 3 year old. It even knocks out an 8 pound gallon of milk. So now with around the clock sitters our "normal" busy life has taken a quick halt. It has been hard not caring for my boys but is a reminder of how lucky I am to still have them to take care of.

Kase has adapted better than Knox. He is my snuggler. Our recliner in our bedroom has now become "my bed" and my hide away. Kase will crawl up beside me and and say, "Mom I am going to sleep in your bed tonight." Then he falls asleep on my chair and Scotty carries him off to bed later.

Kase has been Scotty's little assistant and has hung pretty close to me.

Knox on the other hand isn't a fan of the brace. He REALLY isn't a fan of not being picked up by his mom. After a couple of times crying at my feet he has realized it is not going to happen.

At first he pouted and let me know he was not happy. Now he has ventured toward me a few times but for very short moments. Occasionally he will walk by with a quick kiss but they are few and far between these days.

This down time has given me more opportunities to pray, read and THINK. This was not in my plan, but it was in God's plan. His plan is the one that matters!


  1. Oh Gracious! Brooke this is an amazing testament to God's Love and your Faith!! You have grown into such a beautiful woman, inside and out! I read it with tear-filled eyes and a very thankful heart!! Thank you for shaing.. you never know who your stories will touch!

  2. Brooke, you have touched my heart with this blog. I have been praying for you and the families involved and touched by this awful tragedy. I pray for a quick physical recovery.

  3. Brooke, I am continuing to pray for healing for everyone involved both physically and emotionally. I can only imagine what that day was like for you. I feel like our students become our own in some special way and I know that you were exactly who God wanted to be with those sweet students.

  4. What an AMAZING article!! This will really make people stop and think! I definitely had tears in my eyes reading this. You are an amazing woman and the school, community, family and friends all love and thank you for all that you do! It is a long healing process but much more time spent with those you love and cherish. :)