Why 310 Grae Place?

I used to be an avid scrapbooker, after dragging my scrapbooking materials all around and in & out of bags and cabinets I decided that digital scrapbooking had to be easier. So then after creating lots of pages I never could decide the best way to print them. Once my kids starting talking and saying funny things that I wanted to remember I began journaling. So what a better way to compile journaling and pictures than a blog? I can print it each year and have it for my boys when they get older.
Now for a title? I called my friend Kristen who has a way with words, and asked for suggestions. When she suggested 310 Grae Place I knew it was perfect. My blog is a journal of our home therefore our house number was perfect.
But Grae Place is more than that to me. My oldest son was named Grae Davis. He went to be with the Lord at 38 weeks. He was perfect and my family and I were blessed to hold him and love on him for a day. A day I will never forget. When our neighbors suggested we name the area we live in Grae Place it meant so much to me. I proudly live in Grae Place and I love that our family blog still has Grae's memory and always will.