Thursday, February 23, 2012

a spurt of spring

I catch myself looking online & ordering spring decor, pots for the porch, swimsuits, colorful dresses, and of course putting out my Easter decor. I do this in hopes that spring will come sooner, & I am ready for more than a string of 2 days that are a spurt of Spring. So while the sun was out we took full advantage!

I am a sucker for stripes and polka dots. My boys love balls & we have an overload of them but I could not pass these up, I knew they would love them.

According to Kase we went on an adventure that day, an adventure to make mud & find sticks for Sophie. It was a very important mission & the boys took it very seriously. Following my boys on their adventures are moments that I love.

Let the adventure begin...

Aunt Suz has been wanting to take the boys to her brothers to visit his baby sheep. So on the first sunny warm day we headed over. I have to admit I am not an animal lover, they are cute from a distance but for some reason they terrify me. I do not want my boys to be this way so I try to stay calm but no matter how much I tell myself not to freak out, run and panic, my heart starts racing and I just can't stay calm. So when the sheep decided to head my way I began to panic. Kase reminded me in the sweetest voice that they will not hurt me & they are just babies. It was very embarrassing and unfortunately did not stop me from running away from them. While my 4 & (almost) 2 year old fed and played with them I watched from a distance.

The treasure of the day was a little birds nest that Kase found. I explained that the bird used gross dog hair, animal hair and other dirty things to make that nest. He was not phased in the least @ my explanation of the contents of the nest and was determined to take his find home. We negotiated on letting it ride on the car mat. Once @ home I turned around and saw this little treasure sitting on my kitchen table. So of course we had to negotiate again and we decided on keeping it in a Ziploc bag to show his dad and to scrub our hands really well.

We are ready for more adventures, more finds and many more days outside on these spurty spring days to come.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

birthday palooza!

It is that time of year where the birthdays and parties have not been a sprint but a marathon & we have paced ourselves for all of the excitement and cake & candy my kids have taken in. From Superman, Popcorn, Hello Kitty, Pool Party, Dr. Seuss, Tinkerbell, Cupcake, & Pizzeria we have hit all of themes & have loved them all.

I wish I would have had my camera @ them all to capture the great themes as well as all the cute kids playing together. However I did good to get my kids there, a couple of times Scotty & I had to split forces just to make them all and even had to call in back up to Meme to take them to one while we were out of town.
I even took the boys to a party that was non-existent. I now double check all times & dates on invitations, showing up & dragging your kids out of ya ya's island crying was not my favorite moment. It was almost as bad as having to call them mom & ask where they were only to find out oops wrong weekend!
We are a family that loves birthdays and celebrations & are very thankful for the family and friends that we get to celebrate with.

This month we have loved being able to celebrate both of our moms birthdays. Their birthdays are 2 days apart but we celebrated them back to back. Our house was hopping this week. For my mom we went with a cupcake theme, your never to old for cupcakes!

For Sandy we went with a pizzeria. I pre-cooked the dough & everyone made their own mini pizza then stuck them back in the oven or grill to melt the cheese.

It was a busy week but we loved our home being filled our families.Photobucket

Thursday, February 16, 2012

2nd Glance Saturday: make it new again

Finding old, or used things and updating them a bit, is cheap & fun. Take a 2nd Glance at some finds that are in our house that we enjoy daily for all under $50 total!

I bought this chair at a yard sale in college for $12 I re-covered it with a green pin stripe. I recently spent another $12 on floral material to recover it for the 2nd time.
(meg dropped by so of course we put her to work)
My grandmother is great at upholstery and she has been teaching me the tricks of the trade. It is kind of like wrapping a present with a staple gun and material. I must warn you it becomes addicting and you will begin to search for things to re upholster.

So I found this table for $12 it had really cool legs but the top was a piece of plywood after a little bit of batting and plaid material (that I had) it became the perfect table to sit by my rocker.

With a little bit of luck sometimes you can find those great finds when the item is perfect the way they are. I have to credit my mom for this find. She found this for only $10. It has great storage and is one of my favorite pieces in my house.

These cute little basketball fans deserve a 2nd Glance as well

(kase & chandler kate)

The boys recieved some money in a Valentine card from their Great Aunt. They couldn't wait to spend it. Kase took big precautions in keeping his money straight with no "crinkles" he would say. Knox grabbed his and wadded it up as fast as he could. Kase wouldn't even let me fold it to put in his wallet and Knox had a dollar wadded up in each hand.

Their purchases deserve a 2nd Glance becuase they have been a very popular item in our house. Since Kase already thinks he has lasers on his hands that he can take you out with @ any minute, these finger lights have been just what he was missing. The best part about them were they were $1 for 3.

Don't worry they work just as well on feet but they do make walking a little challenging.

Take a 2nd Glance at this photo & see if you can find knox. Hiding is his new thing!

What have you been taking 2nd glances @ lately?

310 Grae Place
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Friday, February 10, 2012

sharing the love

The boys & I have been working hard to get their valentine treats ready. One idea we found on pinterest, one on a blog and one we actually came up with on our own. But we had fun working together and can’t wait to share it with their church and preschool friends.
Kase chose to give out bouncy balls, he is sure his friends will love them!

Knox chose rubber ducks because most of the kids in his church class are younger than him so we had to choose an age appropriate treat. He of course had to try his out in the bath as soon as we got home.

We made these for their teachers and our family members that watch them while I work. Glass bottles would have been much cuter but we weren’t able to find them.

I love how they all turned out and more importantly love spending time with my boys.



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Thursday, February 2, 2012

2nd Glance Saturday - Team Umizoomi

Bot, Millie & Geo are discussed, played with and are becoming a constant @ our house. These 3 mini math superheros are Knox's favorite past time right now (thanks Michele!) The teacher in me doesn't seem to mind so much since they really do teach foundational math skills in a unique and effective fun way.

If you have a little one in the house then Team Umizoomo does deserve a 2nd Glance. Of course finding Team Umizoomi toys, books are a challenge. My mom was able to dig through and find the characters at Toys R Us that made a little boy very happy.

Knox & I also spent way to much time the other day searching for the Umizoomi Golden book on the wall of chaos @ Books A Million.

This fun pic deserves a 2nd Glance as well, why are fake mustaches so funny? Or am I just amused easily?

310 Grae Place
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What have you been taking a 2nd Glance @ Lately?

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