Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fleece, flip flops, or rain boots

You have to love Kentucky weather this time of year. The everyday weather change is turning me into a master of layering. This is the last time I pay attention to that dang groundhog he only got my hopes up. 

I finally decided to lose my bad attitude that came with those freezing days in March and to hope for the best.
 Maybe just maybe if we got our toes ready for flip flop season there might be a day in the near future we could blow the dust off of our flip flops. Add a pasta dinner,some slightly creepy snacks, girls, polish, and hope for the sun to shine!


I earned cool points from my kids for the funny, slightly gross treats that resemble fingers with painted nails. Yes, they are creepy I will definitely do these again on Halloween but probably not another spa night. 

Edible bubble gum pink nail polishes courtesy of a marshmallow, icing and a tootsie roll. 

Thankfully the sun did decide to shine for a few glorious days. 

Then came the rain
Making the most of it the boys set up camp in their playhouse.

No matter the weather I am thankful and learning to embrace each day that God has made and to rejoice and be glad in it.  (insert song: This is the Day) a favorite at our house when one of us wakes up not so ready for the day. Which either earns a smile or an annoyed look, kind of like the weather this time of year. 
Happy Spring & all the crazy weather that comes with it!


  1. These are super fun ideas!! I love it. First time stopping by. I hope you join my link party every week-

  2. Love these spa parties!!!! The finger treats were so fun!! Just dropping in from Lets Get Social Sunday to thank you for joining in and to follow via GFC:))))

    @My Turn for us