Wednesday, November 30, 2011

a wonderful surprise

An unexpected snow is at the top of my favorite list! This snow was especially great due to the enormous cotton ball size snowflakes.
Knox responded with shock and speechlessness

while Kase looked on in awe

We decided to have a quick impromptu snowman day and invite the Fourshee's over to join us.

Kase raced around the house searching for all of the snowmen in his scavenger hunt and then decorated the table for lunch and craft time snowman style.

But first we rushed outside to play in the snow before it melted away or turned to rain.

Are my kids the only ones that hate snowsuits? I feel like I am dressing 2 wild animals getting all that garb on them.

So once the animals were tame I let them loose outside. Kase of course was mainly into throwing snowballs.

Knox just liked to run around and quickly decided he did not enjoy being Kases human target , so he headed back in .

A play day in the snow is not complete with out rosy red cheeks and a snotty nose.

He did however enjoy catching the snowflakes on his tongue.

Snowman sandwiches for lunch,

( I don't know what kase's new smile is about but I hope it is short lived)

hot chocolate to keep them warm

snow cream for dessert

With full tummies it was craft time

Knox denied eating the paint but his lip said otherwise.

The finished product!

A little more time to play in the snow

A few snowman books before naptime

Playing in the snow and enjoying a snowman day can be exhausting

Until the next snow day!

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