Saturday, March 23, 2013

bubblegum & ice cream cones

About 2 years ago Scotty came home with an old bubblegum machine filled with colorful break your teeth gumballs. As soon as Knox learned to chew gum it became a daily ritual to scavenge through the house or anywhere for that matter for a dime. One dime is all he needs to fulfill his addiction to the sugar filled gum.
A bubblegum theme at his request led us to his "Bubblegum Birthday Brunch!

For the "real day" birthday he wanted ice cream cones. 

these are cotton candy stuffed in waffle cones

While trying to keep in stride with his brother his new four wheeler will be helpful. 

 "Man, I used the last candle the other day," I said.
"You can use one of mine," said Knox as he ran to his kitchen and dug through his toys & pulled out this wooden candle. 

The porcelain ice cream cone plates were a find last summer at an antique shop. So when Scotty says "Brooke, when are you going to use these?"  I will pull up this picture!

Knox knows what he wants and what he doesn't, he is his brothers shadow but yet still his own little person, he has a mind of his own and is crazy independent. I loved celebrating Knox and who he is & pray that God uses him for his glory.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fun Easter finds

After scanning 2 aisles of Easter fun I decided that the Dollar Tree has stepped it up this season. Grabbing a shopping basket instead of cart to help contain the amount of Easter festiveness that I purchased because let's face it dollar items still add up & usually make their way to the trash in the end. I then used my method of filling my basket and forcing myself to put up at least 2 items (because honestly filling up a basket or cart is the most fun part.)
 Yes, the Pottery Barn chair covers are much cuter. But really a dollar?

These fun finds led us to a fun snack crafting Easter lovin play date. 

We Recycled these leftover mini bubblegum machines from Knox's birthday to preschool treats for Kase. 
What mom wouldn't want their child bringing home sugar filled carrots? 

Edible grass really?  Bravo Dollar Tree bravo, you know the way to a little boys heart. 
(side- note: nasty!!!)

Colorful eggs filled with cubed cheese, mini crackers, & strawberries fill up little tummies. 

Little chefs creating edible Easter nests. Last year we attempted to make a nest for our dyed eggs. Much harder than it looked. Click here to view Last years Easter fun

Bunny masks 
(white pipe cleaners would have been cuter, but hey we use what we have)
Roxie wasn't feeling it!

Adding in a little educational Easter fun 

 This vintage basket was a find on our last trip to the antique store. Instead of contributing to our ever growing pile of past Easter baskets in storage we will be using this basket that we can reuse in the playroom.

Our favorite household book, The Jesus Storybook Bible, which is currently missing the front and back cover due to Knox searching & searching for David & Goliath, even though he has the story memorized word for word. Pinterest shared an awesome reading plan to prepare the kids for Easter which has been a great find.  As well as the timing of The Bible on the history channel which has intrigued my boys and has led to great questions and conversations leading to Easter. As the Berenstain Bears say in their Easter book, " There's much more to Easter than chocolate bunnies, marshmallow chicks, and jelly beans."  (Yes I just quoted Berenstain Bears, yes I need to start Reading more than childrens books, yes it is on my to do list!)

Oh & for those Star Horse Fans 
(Knox's interpretation) 

From our bunnies to yours "Hoppy Easter" 

"He has risen!" Mark 16:6