Sunday, September 16, 2012

camping, oh yeah!

At times we exhaust ourselves searching  out entertainment for our kids, leap pads, iPads, plays, movies, museums, play sets, the list could go on forever. None of these are bad but most of the time our kids just want to run, get muddy, and have our undivided attention.
(yes I realize my child is wearing soccer socks, he was cold & we had to improvise, I am mother of they year who never checks the weather)
This past weekend our kids entertained themselves and loved every minute. The time spent packing, setting up and tearing down campsites was worth every dirty face smiled we saw along the way and boy did we see a lot of dirty faces.

Who knew they made triple decker air mattresses?

Our kids got along so well and ran hours on end, were filthy,muddy, and stinky.
 Since they didn't  have mounds of toys or electronic devices to fight over they joined forces & conquered the hills, mud puddles, sand & rocks, and the boogy & goat man that they swore were in the woods.

As for the adults we worked very hard to collect a new "bonfire scent". Which can only be attained by positioning your quilt draped body by the fire for hours on end and enjoying great conversations.
I am pretty sure this is the closest Katy ever got to a tent the entire weekend. 

 Wendy was out of town so Brandon was unsupervised.

 Believe it or not the guys stayed up talking around the campfire long after the girls headed to the tents. 

After this weekend camping moved a lot closer to the top of my list. But not just camping, camping with great friends and families.
We will have to start our countdown over for our next camping adventure. 


Monday, September 3, 2012


How can I eat supper, if it is not even dark?
 In Kase's head supper = dark. I want him to remember   supper = family time, well most nights. 
Our calendar is filling up way to quickly. Kase is getting more involved in things and Scotty and I are meeting each other on the road. Kase is only 4 so the reality is it is only going to get busier, crazier and more hectic. Lots of things we do with our time are being traded in for soccer games, swim lessons, awana, play dates and preschool events.
 Scotty and I have decided some things are negotiable and some are not. One non-negotiable item is supper time.  This does not mean a 4 course meal made from scratch and from my garden, I mean come on.
However it does mean at the table, no TV, and good conversation with our family. Of course there are nights this doesn't pan out.  
As the boys get older I want them to want to come to dinner. So to keep them interested, every once in a while I try to make it fun or interesting. 

A cereal bar is a favorite of theirs. This one usually happens when Scotty isn't going to make it in time for dinner and it is just the boys and I. Grains are an important part of the food group right?

Mexican fiesta night (aka tacos) went with what Kase was learning at preschool.
Kase's school newsletter shared their learning of Mexico. So why not make it the topic of supper?

Kase has now decided to live in Mexico while Knox decided he wants to live in football, because you wear helmets. I think I may need to sign him up for preschool as well, bless his heart. 
The themed suppers are fun, but are few and far between. But the time our family spends together around the table are times I am thankful for. I hope our boys remember these times around the table like Scotty and I have from our childhoods.