Thursday, December 29, 2011

2nd Glance Saturday: Some new favorites

It's once again Saturday and time for things that have made me take a 2nd glance. There have been so many things with the holidays just ending but this week I am sticking with 2 basic things.

As Wendy and I were checking out @ Wal-mart the other day and trying to not lose a kid I spotted this random box of Marshmallow bits up by the register that clearly did not belong there.

(This is what Wal-Mart does to Knox)

Of course I wanted to try it and they had 2 flavors, vanilla and peppermint. I grabbed a bottle of both and let's just say the bottle did not last more than a day in my house.

I was one of those kids (well still am) that would eat all of the marshmallows out of the lucky charms. So it was a great surprise when this entire bottle was full of those marshmallows!! I don't think Kase has had lucky charms so when I was trying to explain what a jewel we had found he did not understand my excitement. Until he turned the bottle up and shook some out. He definitley gave it a 2nd glance and helped himself to way too many marshmallows. (Warning: they are addicting)

The 2nd new addiction in our house are Edy's real fruit juice popsicles. I know they are not new and we have bought them several times in the past but for some reason we are now addicted. Our family of 4 finished a box off in a couple of hours. There is no sugar added so that means eat as many as you want right? Well we do! So now when I give them a 2nd glance in the grocers aisle I also grab more than one box.

I encourage the boys to eat them in the tub, less clean up.

Both of these 2nd glances can be found @ Wal-Mart, and as much as we all dread going there we eventually end of up there anyways.

Happy New Years!


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