Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fa La La La tables and more

Cooking is not my passion, if the recipe has more than 5 ingredients I turn the page of the cookbook. I like preparing meals for my family I just like to do it in a timely manner. I have decided that to make my food seem like it has lots of inventive spices that I would disguise it with a fun table. If the table is well put together it has to make the food taste better, right?

for some reason my boys love nutcrackers, so they love when they are at the center of the table

Kase even picked our nutcracker wrapping paper this year.

I added a gingerbread banner to go along with the gingerbread cookies, and the houses we were going to make after dinner.

our gingerbread village
they didn't all make it

This was a breakfast buffet for Scotty's birthday with his family.

This table was for the boys the night before we left for Disney. Since the night was for them Scotty and I joined them at their table.

This is my moms Christmas table.

Now that our tables are set it is time to make christmas candy!!
Mom supplied the aprons.

The boys built the train.

(they didn't go along with the aprons)

Super Shooter Cookies are what my great aunt made for years. My mom took over the tradition and we make them ever year.

Kase was excited about his preschool PJ Christmas Party!

He loves Luke!

We are off to a busy start for the Holidays, and I love it!


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