Wednesday, August 31, 2011

my newest addiction

I wish it was exercising, or cleaning but in reality Pinterest has become my newest addiction. If you are not familiar, Pinterest is a website that allows you to share ideas with friends and others.

I love browsing through all the photos and pinning new creative ideas to my boards. I have started many idea boards and add more each day. One quick and easy idea that I recently put to the test was making a simple bookmark.

There really isn't much to it and it only consisted of 2 materials which is always a plus. I made one for each of the girls in our bible study group.

I love simple fun ideas that take no time at all.
I have noticed that I am pinning way more ideas than I am creating. Which has began to frazzle me. Which is ironic because our bible study group is going through the book the frazzled female (hopefully it will help).

Scotty has made the rule in our house that if we put something in our closets we have to take something out. I have applied this rule to my pinterest boards. When I pin new things I try to make or use an idea that I have previously pinned This is a lot harder than it seems.
So if you have not been sucked into Pinterest, join us! But I am warning you,you may become frazzled. But you'll love it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

savoring summer

As August comes to an end we always try to fit those fun summer things in one last time. Even if I don't really want to get in the lake or swim I make myself knowing in a couple of weeks I won't get the chance. We have been busy lately savoring summer.

enjoying the drive in

boating & playing @ the lake

playing in the mud @ muddin 4 missions

marina days

spray park

We have savoring summer and enjoyed every minute. But now, we are ready for FALL!

Friday, August 12, 2011

llama llama misses mama

Last fall as I went through the book fair, I spotted Llama Llama misses mama. The day was coming that Kase had to head to preschool. To get him used to the idea, I decided to warm him up through this book. Little Llama goes to preschool and misses his mama but realizes he can have fun until she comes back to get him.

Of course Kase wanted to know why he had to go to preschool. So I listed several reasons, one being sharing with others. So for a while when he would share or do anything off of my list of reasons for preschool he would say, see mama I don't need preschool. He is only going 2 days a week for 3 hours but for him and me it is a big step ( and our entire family.)
In order to get him excited about preschool I told him we would have a preschool celebration the few days before his first day. I let him choose some fun things to be apart of our celebration. First he chose golf. So of course we all went to the course and played a round of golf with him.

He also decided he would like to bowl.

The night before his first day I let him choose the menu. He chose chicken, green beans, corn, and watermelon. So he became a little cook and helped me prepare the meal. While he was napping I made the table festive and make him a pencil cake as well. He was so proud of his special meal.

Of course the morning of, I wanted him to have a good breakfast. So he enjoyed muffins that we had made the day before and a little chocolate milk. I say little because there really isn't even enough chocolate in the milk to turn it brown but in his eyes it was a special treat.

Yes, there were tears that morning at preschool drop off. The preschool celebration plan did work, I just prepared the wrong kid. Kase did not cry, but Knox was a mess. He cried and yelled Kase's name as we pulled off.

Overall Kase had a great day!
My 2 favorite things that he said about preschool was Mama no crying and no tattling and, I just walked out that door smart!
Who knew all it took was walking out that door in just one day. I realized I'm not sad or nervous that he is in preschool just sad that he is old enough to go. God has blessed us with amazing children and even though I don't want them to grow up I can't wait to see what God has in store for their lives.
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