Thursday, February 2, 2012

2nd Glance Saturday - Team Umizoomi

Bot, Millie & Geo are discussed, played with and are becoming a constant @ our house. These 3 mini math superheros are Knox's favorite past time right now (thanks Michele!) The teacher in me doesn't seem to mind so much since they really do teach foundational math skills in a unique and effective fun way.

If you have a little one in the house then Team Umizoomo does deserve a 2nd Glance. Of course finding Team Umizoomi toys, books are a challenge. My mom was able to dig through and find the characters at Toys R Us that made a little boy very happy.

Knox & I also spent way to much time the other day searching for the Umizoomi Golden book on the wall of chaos @ Books A Million.

This fun pic deserves a 2nd Glance as well, why are fake mustaches so funny? Or am I just amused easily?

310 Grae Place
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What have you been taking a 2nd Glance @ Lately?

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  1. That last pic is too cute! Finding good characters for kids is hard these days. That one seems very educational though:)