Monday, December 12, 2011

2nd glance Saturday

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

The center of all Christmas Decor in a house is usually a Christmas tree. Some houses have one, some have one in each room. Some may be traditional while others need some explaining.Either way I love seeing everyones trees!
This peppermint tree (courtesy of Wendy & Brandon) deserves a 2nd glance!

How Fun?

When I see something peppermint I feel like I have to get it to contribute to this inspring tree. It just pulls me in!

(fun features of the tree include, peppermint ribbon, peppermint ornaments, peppermint garland and anything and everything peppermint)

Wendy made these banners that are hanging in her house as well. They got a 2nd glance from me.


This little Shepard got many 2nd glances with all of his many faces. Meme (Scotty's mom)Put on a children's christmas play on at her church. Kase was thrilled to be a part of it (mainly becuase he got to carry a stick).

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