Saturday, December 24, 2011


Disney then straight into Christmas has sent me into a christmas music, red & green, sugar overload!
(But of course I would do it all again!)

I love Christmas traditions that our families started with us, and finding new ones to start with our kids. Of course we also have the traditional ones that we love as well.

setting our reindeer food and finding Santa treats to leave out.

Making a gingerbread house

and then hiding to eat it hoping that I wouldn't catch them

(a week later might I add, disgusting)

Attending Jesus's birthday party

We have also started the tradition of giving the boys 3 presents on Christmas morning. We chose 3 becuase we have been studying the Christmas story with them each night. If you ask kase you will learn that Jesus was brought golden myrh and frankenstein. Well we didn't get the boys golden myrh and frankenstein but they did recieve 3 presents. (well this year they may have gotten a few more than 3, I forgot that I had bought some along the way)

My mom used to wrap our presents in different wrapping paper. We didn't have tags we just knew by the paper. I started this with my boys this year. Reindeer for Kase and Santas for Knox. Knox would dig under the tree yelling "clause" making sure he got all of his.

We have also started the new tradition of no double dipping. Which means we try not to hit more than one house or family each day. We spread our Christmas out where we can spend time with each part of our families without running ragged and leaving a kid behind in the chaos.

So with both boys in check we have had a long wonderful Christmas. Cherishing each moment with all sides of our families.
snapshots from Christmas

The thing I enjoyed the most this Christmas is not a tradition, although I wish it were. I loved going to Church with my family on Christmas morning. Worshipping in one service with our church family was a wonderful Christmas gift. Yes it made Christmas morning a little hectic and we didn't get to my grandparents til later & there was no nursery for Knox (yikes). But those things are not @ all what Christmas is about and hearing Kase belt out Gloria during the song service melted my heart. It made Christmas really feel like Christmas!


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