Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's a little Rain?

A crammed packed schedule with a lot of rain, sums up our crazy week!

What started as a family walk quickly turned into a sprint back to the house becuase of the downpour.

Which then of course became playing in the rain for the boys.

Kase had to be covered head to toe, jacket, hood and boots.

I don't think Knox even knew it was raining or that he was getting wet. They are SO different.

The rain followed us to our Sunday School Fall Party, but not before we wrapped it up.

We picked the perfect day to pick pumpkins! Well I thought it was fun, Scotty was less than thrilled. He did not understand why we had to do it in the sprinkling rain. Which then turned into a pouring rain!

We left with with more mud then pumpkins but I think it made it more fun! If you ask Scotty you get an entire different story. I wonder where Kase gets it?

The only thing the rain didn't get was Kase's indoor preschool fall party. It was so fun watching him with his new friends and in the preschool setting.

These two boys are always together. They refer to themselves as Batman and Robin, and the playhouse it now the batcave.

Even with the rain and the chaos of all the events crammed in one week, it was a great week!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Are we @ Cinci-Addie yet?" Was the repeated question from the back seat as we headed to visit the Shumates. I didn't have the heart to tell Kase that the city wasn't named after Addie and that he was saying it wrong. So he continues to call it this.
We had such a great visit with them and even though we live 6 hours apart our kids have "kind of" grown up together and play so well together and are always excited about visits.
We pulled in pretty late that night but that did not stop them from flipping across the floor and dragging out toys before we dragged them to bed.

We woke up to amazing fall weather and spent the day doing outdoor things with the kids.

Knox was determined not to be left out.

They were so sweet playing together.

Since Target was out of the double seat strollers for the bigger kids, Kase and Addie became inventive. Yes, we received a few stares but hey the kids liked it.

They had to have these airplane suckers. The moments before this picture weren't as pleasant. Addie's propeller was stuck in her hair and it took 2 of us to pull it out. It didn't really phase her she was just glad to get her sucker back.
For lunch we traveled to Newport. We walked around and the kids spotted a man on stilts making balloon animals. We carried away 2 flowers, an elephant and a rocket ship that made 4 little kids very happy. However they started popping slowly in the restaurant scaring everyone half to death each time but they were fun while they lasted.

The kids ran and played on the walking bridge that connects KY to Ohio. They were in their own world and nearly ran over several people along the way.

The guys left us for the second time that day to go golf. So we decided to take our little monkeys to see the monkeys. Even though by the time we made it to the zoo all 4 kids were asleep. We took our chances and piled them in the strollers anyways to have some fun at the zoo. I literally mean piled. We had 3 kids in 1 stroller and 1 in the other. It was a workout pushing those kids all around but well worth it.
Kase entertained us by yelling at the animals. He would say "Hey, Hey monkey!" When we got to the penguins (which smell really bad by the way) he would hide and jump out and yell, "BOO!" I am not really that familiar with all the "zoo rules" but I think this may be considered heckling or harassing. All the while Addie continually tried to climb over the fences, she wanted to have an up close zoo experience apparently.
Mer and I did not win any mother of the year awards on this adventure. We didn't really have enough strollers, we only had 2 sippy cups for 4 kids so they all shared and we were full of general comments. Comments like "look there are some", and "Look at those things." Other mothers were reading and talking about all of the different animals, what they ate, and calling them by their real names. Mer and I were more like window shopping. If the animal stunk we walked fast so the kids wouldn't ask to stop and look & when we saw that in the petting area you had to get in there with your kids we kind of hid their eyes and ran the other way. We will save those moments for their dads.

Kase was excited about the elephants.

When the giraffe walked by Knox clapped and clapped he was so excited.

These dang peacocks were walking freely all over the zoo. If you ask me (someone who is afraid of animals especially walking colorful birds) that is just dangerous. As I was taking this picture I was yelling the dangers of this bird so he wouldn't get any closer.

We ended with some ice cream.(This picture is a little scary.)

200 juice refills later we had to end the weekend. We ended it with a sad UK football loss. But at least we watched the loss in a fun way. Chris projected the game on the side of the house and we sat around with our take-out supper by a fire and cheered for the CATS. The kids fell asleep under the covers and by the fire, exhausted from a weekend full of fun memories.

See ya next time "Cinci-Addie"