Thursday, December 29, 2011

calling all superheros...

This post is about 2 months late but the holidays hit and well it happens.

There was never a question of the theme of Kase's party. Since he really thinks he is a superhero we were all just joining him in his pretend world for a night.

Our house was filled with all shapes and sizes of cute little superheros.

Small ones

Big/Daddy ones

Sad ones

Happy ones

and Girly ones

We wanted the superheros to feel at home so we added some superhero fun around the house

we served superhero soups in breadbowls

to help them get into character they had a cape of their choice

the boys begged me to leave the comics up even after the party they loved looking at them

mom and I (let's be honest mostly mom) made the cake

kase thought were were the coolest parents because we had on superhero shirts, so we have worn them everyday since :)

we even made time to embrace the camera



  1. What a fun birthday party, I love your cape idea!

  2. such a wonderful party! i love the superhero buildings and capes.

  3. That looks like a great party, well done :)