Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Snapshots from our Countdown to Christmas. 
(Due to my hands being full of treats, gifts, & little boys my camera got left behind a lot, therefore the cell phone pictures are a little grainy). 
Dressed and ready to perform @ his school Christmas program. He had a speaking part & rocked it! I was one proud mom!

the bat crew

PJ Christmas party day @ preschool 

treats for the neighbors 
 Wendy's peppermint cake 
From robots, to Shepherds & even Joseph the Church program was so great. 

The after party led us to the Wilson's where we gathered around singing Carols. 

Holiday fun with cousins 
 new games to play 

 ridiculously funny pajama pants 
 fun decorated gifts
rides in Christmas parades

sick little boys

 The Christmas story 
 Talent show, including story telling, reciting quotes, singing and sharing the true meaning of Christmas. 

 Our real life Elf on the Shelf 

A cold night in Jammie's, with full bellies of hot chocolate, chocolate chip pancakes, & cookies then off to carols and Christmas lights! 

The rush & fun of Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning

Kase was so sad to see Christmas go, but the snow was perfect timing. It prolonged the holiday fun. The snow sleepover by the fire @ Nonnie's was the perfect way to wake up & greet the snow!

There are always so many things I want to do in December. I felt the need to make as many memories & teach them so much about Christmas each year because they are growing so fast.

 As Knox and I were snuggled up reading his Christmas books I was reminded. "Sometimes we should take a rest & hold the ones we love best."

Happy Holidays!!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Celebrating 5

Glow sticks & flashlights flickering everywhere as the sun went down was the perfect way of Celebrating Kase turning 5. He loves his family and friends and was so excited to have them to his campsite for a night of fun. 

  Scavenger hunts for all ages

Making animal masks, camping stickers,& coloring tents

Yummy smore's 

Treats that go with you

Tents to play in

Hayride for all 

run & play 

According to Kase his party with his friends was his pretend birthday because he didn't really turn 5 on that day. So he chose a Lego Star Wars theme on his real birthday. I am pretty sure he just conned me into have 2 parties. 

The celebrations were fun, & memorable but I am still not thrilled about him turning 5. Everyday he wakes up and tells me "Mom I still feel 4." 

Thank you Lord for another year with this precious child you have blessed us with. We want to raise him to know & live for you.