Sunday, December 11, 2011

the countdown is on

At the end of this holiday season one things my kids will know for sure is how to count backwards, and how to countdown for an event.
I have learned countdowns help (key word help) eliminate the wonderful question "HOW MUCH LONGER TIL ...?"

How much longer til Christmas?

How much longer til Santa?

How much longer til Disney?

How much longer til Jesus's birthday?

Hence the 3 million countdowns taking place in our house right now.

Our Disney countdown might not look like a traditional countdown. Why would we go in order? That would just make to much sense and that is not Kase's style. Therefore Kase chooses the color he wants to take off each day instead of the number. So when we run out of Mickey heads it will be time to go.

My friend Amy suggested that I use disney paint swatches for the countdown. It was quick and easy.

Our Jesus's birthday countdown is different because it has a task each day that the boys perform. From making cookies for neighbors, buying a gift for a child less fortunate, or retelling the Christmas story using our nativity set. This countdown is the most important in our house. We use this countdown to try to instill the true meaning of Christmas.

Our last countdown for the season is our Santa Countdown. This is a fun countdown but we try not to put a lot of emphasis on this one. I made this countdown with my kids at school and thought by boys would enjoy it as well.

Crazy enough it was much easier doing it with 20 6 year olds than my 2!

We have a lot to be looking forward to this Holiday Season. I just want to make sure that we aren't to busy counting down that we miss the blessings God has given us!

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