Saturday, April 30, 2011

What a difference a comfy chair makes.

When we moved into our house 2 years ago I decided that we should keep a few toys for Kase in our room, the living room, his bedroom and his playroom. That way he had toys at his disposal in all areas of the house. Boy was I wrong! What I didn't realize was that toys in all areas meant toys ALL over the house ALL the time. When I consolidated all of the toys (and by consolidated I mean threw out) I made their one and only home his playroom. I can not believe how much easier it is to keep my house picked up. However, I do need to post a WARNING ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK sign on the door of the playroom. I have boys what can I say?

There are several things that mean alot to me in his playroom. My grandparents play a very important part in our lives and we love having their little touches in each room of the house. The bookshelf on the playroom wall is made out of old barn wood and was built by my Grandaddy Joe (the handiest man I know.)

I wanted a table for this room but could not find what I had envisioned in my head (this is often the case.) Again he came to the rescue and built exactly what I wanted.

I found 2 white chairs with pink flowers on them at a yard sale. Of course this would not have gone over well with my boys so I my Grandmother used the leftover green paint from the ceiling and made them "boyish". She also sewed the curtains out of the fabric I picked out to bring more color into the room.

My Grandaddy Ben is a great at staining and is very particular,which comes in handy when refinishing furniture. I bought the dresser and the night stand at a yard sale for a total of $25. I then took it to him and he re stained it and made it look new. All I had to do was add the blue drawer handles to add color and fun to the dresser.

I use the drawers in the dresser to sort their holiday books. I love books and I love holidays and I sort his books by holiday and only pull them out for those holidays. It is like he gets new books each holidays and those are the books we feature in his reading basket each night. The bottom 2 drawers I use for un-opened toys. After holidays, or birthdays I keep some of their toys in these drawers and do not let them open them. On a rainy day we go into the drawer and he gets to pick out a "new" toy to play with. I have found he enjoys his toys and appreciates them more this way.

One wall was painted with magnetic paint. I love displaying the boys crafts and work, but a messy fridge drives Scotty crazy. We found a way that we can do both. We get to display their work and keep our fridge clutter less. On a side note you have to use really strong magnets even if you put several coats of the magnetic paint.

Even after all of these sentimental things that I enjoyed having in the playroom I still felt like it was not complete.
In one of the blogs I follow A mom was talking about the importance of a comfy chair in her kids playroom. Why in the world have I not thought of that? Kase will not play in his playroom by himself he is like my dad and always wants someone around. Knox is content in being alone and will venture in their and enjoys playing in solitude. When I am in there playing with them I end up in the floor or on a rocky horse or in a little chair. All of which are not the most comfortable. A comfy chair seemed like the solution I had been looking for. I was on my way to paducah and saw the cutest little red stools on the side of the road at a yard sale. I kicked it in reverse and pulled in


I was just stopping for the stools and then I saw what I had been looking for. There sat a leather chair and a half that was big enough to hold the boys and I. The leather is worn which means extra comfy just like I like. I got a steal!! I could not wait to put it in the playroom. I had to rearrange and Scotty wasn't convinced that it was to big but we made it work. As excited as I have been over the chair I think Kase and Knox are even more excited. Kase says it is a great climbing chair. It is a place for them to read as well as me to read, or blog, or just watch the kids play, in comfort. I can now say that the playroom has become one of my favorite rooms in my house. What a difference a comfy chair makes.


  1. I know, I got a great deal! It makes me want to yard sale more. I guess our moms dragging us around on Saturdays paid off!

  2. liking all your ideas! the curtains are fabulous! thanks for linking : )