Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mommas Day ( this is what Scotty calls it)

(right after I became a mom of 2, last year)

4 years ago "Mommas Day" changed for me. It was the first time I was not only celebrating my mom, and grandmothers but also had become a Mother. However it was a Mother Day's I would have never predicted, but was another reminder that God is in control and has a much bigger plan in my life.

I began to dread my first Mother's Day after losing Grae (our first son). I did not want to "skip the day because Scotty and I still felt we still needed to celebrate our moms. God taught me so much on that Mother's Day. Yes it was hard, however, God has blessed Scotty and I with such amazing moms, grandmothers and families that how could we not be thankful and happy with all of the people around us. A day that I had selfishly dreaded turned out to be a memorable day. Thankfully God has blessed me with 2 more wonderful boys that I get to hold and kiss, on Mother's Day and everyday. Mothers day is a reminder every year not of what I have lost but what God has given me and I am beyond Thankful that he has a bigger plan for my life.

Like most holidays we like to turn them into weekend events instead of just a day. We enjoyed spending the day with Scotty's mom and family on Saturday. After Kase and Carters baseball games were rained out we all headed to our house for an indoor grill out(yucky rain). Thankfully the sun came out and we all headed out and watched the kids play ball.

They had such a great day playing together.

Sarah kept the kids busy and put knox to sleep on the golf cart.

Scotty's life is a reflection of his mom, and how she has raised him. I am thankful she raised a man of God, and am thankful she is apart of our lives and is helping us raise our boys to be men of God as well.

We also enjoyed spending Sunday at the lake with the moms on my side. My mom gave up her career and so much more to be able to dedicate her life to raising Wendy and I, and she still is an amazing example of the mom I want to be. I am fortunate to have such amazing wise grandmothers that helped raise me and are helping raise my boys. Mother's Day is so special to me because I have SO much to celebrate!

The Little things to make it cute

Since we celebrated on back to back days, I decided to use the same decor for both lunches. I dug out some bottles and tablecloths for a picnic look.

I ran out to Dads field and cute some wheat (Dad reminded me wheat is $8 a bushel) I have to learn to cut it in the middle of the row so you can't tell I took it.

I think eating at a decorated table makes the food taste better and conversation flow.

I don't like the look of paper plates but I also don't like the idea of washing all the dishes when everyone leaves. I found these baskets and have used them over and over. They are a quick cleanup and are cute and fun to use. They were a great investment.

Happy "Mommas Day"

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