Saturday, April 23, 2011

Can Easter get blown away?

My moms cousin and great friend Suzette decorated Wedding Cakes a while before I was even born. She was killed in a car wreck when my mom was younger and mom inherited a lot of her Wilton icing tips and decorating paraphernalia and her wedding cake icing recipe. Even though I never knew her she was special to my mom and it is neat to be able to use her things especially during the holidays and family events.

As mom and I were decorating the Easter Bunny cake a storm blew up very quickly. Mom and I stood at the kitchen window and watched outdoor furniture and trees completely blow away. As it got worse I begin to panic because Scotty and the boys were at our house. After the storm I rushed home to check on them and found a mess. We had just had our porch screened in and it had blown the screens out. The wind picked up Kase and Knox's playhouse and threw it into the swing set. Dad will most likely be finding pieces of their swing sets in the surrounding fields for a while. Five of our tress are laid over, some of our gutters are off our house as well as a back window being shattered. I was relieved to find the boys OK and Kase in pretty good spirits after just watching his favorite outdoor things shatter into pieces and get tossed around like small dollhouse pieces.
We lost electricity for several hours but still had to contin
ue to get ready for Easter. Mom and I finished the cake by the window and my Grandmother cooked Easter supper with a generator.
What a great reminder here at a very important holiday of God's grace and protection and plan for our life. In a matter of minutes a storm ripped through and damaged things all over the county. We are beyond blessed that no one was hurt. This was a reminder to me and my family how quick tragedy could have hit and what to value in life. The storm that blew did not stop the traditions we make in our families or our family sitting around a table eating dinner celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ.

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