Friday, April 22, 2011

I know how it is to be the second child

My Dad is the youngest of 3 boys. I have heard over and over how the youngest has no pictures, no videos and they just join the group with no real excitement. Well, if you know my dad, you would know that he does not suffer at all from being the 3rd child. But he still reminds of the neglect of the second and third children often with Knox. I am the youngest but my mom was a picture person so I can not say that the youngest rule applies to my life in that way.
As I have been working on my blog tonight I realize that most of them revolve around Kase. I think it is because he talks and we know more of his personality and he demands more attention than Knox does. But we would never forget our one of a kind Knox. Wendy tries to steal him from us often as do some of our other friends (mainly the Bruers). Our life would not be complete without Knox and I love that he is completely different than Kase. Kase is OCD (which he gets from his father) and Knox is one of the messiest kids I know (well Myles might give him a run for it.) He eats anything and everything and is pretty laid back. But if you ever mess with is food, or his mom :) he can show his true colors. He is learning so much more everyday and growing to fast. Every time I look at his sweet little round face I am reminded of the blessings God has given me and my family. I pray that I do not take my children or the things in my life for granted.

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