Friday, April 22, 2011

Raising Boys

I love having boys. Yes, it is all I know but I would not change one thing about it. My observant child Kase watches every move I make and lets me know when I make the wrong moves. When he was a baby I would sit him up on the counter and let him play with the water in the sick while I got ready. If you know me you know this does not take long because I do not have the patience of putting on make up or fixing my hair. I love hats for that reason :). The other day when I walked in the bathroom I found Kase sitting in his chair with a mirror using an eye lash curler trying to curl the front of his hair. I thought to myself of course he is using the curler wrong he has never seen me use that thing.Honestly the only reason I have it is becuase Meg talked me into it the last time we were in Sephora. Then I realized I need to send him with his Dad more to observe some guy things for a while. I know he will not love these pictures when he is older and they will always be my favorites. It also made me realize how much he sees me do and I hope he learns more from me than how to curl his eye lashes. I pray that God will allow me to be a Godly mother to my boys and set good examples for them to observe for many days to come.

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