Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a birthday to bowl for

We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my Grandmothers birthday than dinner & bowling.

One of our favorite Grandmother stories is of her taking us bowling when we were little and it ended up being memorable for all the wrong reasons. I would love to share the memory but she would kill me! But if you know her then you know that is of course funny!

So we put on our stylish shoes and got down to business.
(knox was so cute in his tiny little shoes)

Boys on one side & girls on the other

Let the games begin

Kase waited so patiently for his turn, which was really hard for an excited 4 yr. old

Dad shared his techniques with Knox. But Knox is as independent as my Dad so it was an interesting interaction all night.

After a determined little Knox packed his ball up there, rolled it & then chased after it into the slick lane and took a big fall Dad decided to hold on to him. Of course this cramped Knox's style but they came to an agreement.

Sometimes bowling can be more about the snacks

We had a wonderful time celebrating an amazing woman that we all look up to respect, and love! Happy Birthday Grandmother!


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