Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2nd Glance Saturday: Join in it's your turn!

Ideas, crafts, pictures, and must have items are things I love seeing and hearing about from others. Of course this is the main reason I love Pinterest!

Another great way to share these fun things are through link parties and you might find some new blogs to follow along the way.

I not only think this link party is worth taking a 2nd Glance but also worth joining in!
If you are not familiar with link parties well then it is time to get started and learn something new.

(If you are reading this and it is past Saturday don't worry you can still link up, I am leaving it open all week. So you are not too late to join in.)

For Non-bloggers:

First of all this is a great time to start blogging. It is free, easy and a great way to capture your memories. It makes me journal and kind of create a digital scrapbook for my family. I can not wait to print each year into a book to save and share with my boys.

If you don't blog but still want to join in on the link party there is another way.

Find the website of something that you think is worth taking a 2nd glance. For example an outfit, sign, vacation place, picture or whatever catches your eye.

Click on the add a link blue button at the bottom of this post
Copy and paste the website you want to share and paste it in the url box.

Write your name or a title for what your are sharing in the name box.

Last check out what other people have shared through their links by clicking on other links listed below.

For New bloggers

(or those who have gotten behind or just haven't made the time this is a great way to get back into it. You will be glad you did later!)

If you have a blog use a previous post or a new post about something that made you take a 2nd glance.

Grab my second glance button by coping the html code below and pasting it on your post

310 Grae Place
<div align="center"><a href="" title="310 Grae Place"><img src="" alt="310 Grae Place" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Once your post is ready click below on this page on the blue add a link button

Copy and paste your blog address into the url box

Then put in your name, your blogs name, or your posts name whichever you prefer in the name box.

Now you have joined the link party!! Others can click on your link and check out what made you take a 2nd glance.
The last step is to check out some of these links and if you like what you see follow a new blog, or leave a fun comment. I can't wait to see what is making you take a 2nd Glance!


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