Saturday, January 7, 2012

minty fresh

What began as a normal night in the Kelly's all of sudden became craziness (which actually is our normal.)

Most kids love baths, well my 2 love showers. On this particular night my poor shower got the bad end of the deal.

When the laughter coming from the shower turned to a blood curdling scream we knew it wouldn't end well.

The smell of minty fresh met me at the door of my bedroom which was really the only good that came out of this craziness.

This is what I found...

Then I spot the culprit

Not only did the toothpaste make its way all over the shower, the glass, the ceiling and somehow on some cabinets but also into Kase's eyes which set him on fire. Hence the screaming!
In one of Beverly Clearly's book, Ramona dumps all of the toothpaste in the sink for fun. Her wise mother trying to teach her a lesson about not being wasteful scoops up all of the toothpaste and saves it in a bag for her to use.
So I stood there trying to make a decision on what to do next and wanting to make the wise choice but couldn't bring myself to scrape it up and save it. So to teach our "Ramona" a lesson Scotty and I decided that his eye burning like crazy was a pretty good one and to assign him to the low spots on the clean up crew.
Knox was determined not to be left out so why not dip his fork in candle wax and sling it around?

Just a normal night with 2 crazy boys that I wouldn't trade for anything!


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