Thursday, January 19, 2012

making the most of it

Scotty has tons of great things about him, his knees however are not 2 of them. 5 surgeries down & he is still hanging in there!

He was referred to a Dr. in Owensboro & we hated leaving the boys for 2 nights so we came up with a plan and decided to make the most of it. Scotty is such a good sport even in PAIN! He even had theme music getting him pumped up before he went to surgery.

We wrangled in NeNe (leandra) to watch the boys at the hotel while we were @ the hospital and you would have thought we were going on the greatest vacation ever! Kase was beyond excited about NeNe going with him to a hotel to swim.

of course we fit in a trip to Target

We came back to the the hotel with Scotty's bed decorated with get well cards from the boys (with NeNe's help of course.)

Their hugs made him feel so much better!


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