Sunday, January 29, 2012

love is in the air...

With a mild January over let's see what February has to bring.

February is bringing some valentine joy to our house. I am reading the Duggar's book ( from 19 kids & counting.) They are a unique family and write that they love little surprises that keep their kids guessing. I totally agree. Surprises do not always mean toys, or treats but can also be family time, small outings or even playing a game. Kase has even caught on to this idea & I hear him telling Knox all the time, "I have a surprise for you!"

A February surprise for our boys has been these cute little mailboxes. I borrowed this idea from Emily Andersons blog.

I bought the mini mailboxes at the dollar spot @ Target, then glued them onto old candlestick holders with epoxy glue. So for a total of $2 the boys now have mailboxes for their table.

Since this is the month of love Scotty and I are focusing on the greatest love of all. Christs love for us. We are also reading Shepherding A Child's Heart recomended by Emily Jennings. We have learned from this book and Luke 6:45 that our mouth and actions are an overflow of our heart.

Kase and I sat down and made an illustration he could relate to and talked about a Godly heart & a Lonely Heart. He listed things that fill and overflow from a Godly heart and a lonely heart.

We are working hard for our family to have an overflow of a Godly heart. Kase has decided to add servantship to his Godly heart. He loves washing dishes. I have tried to explain the purpose of our dishwasher but his mind is made up this is a way to contribute to our household.

To encourage him everyday in February he & knox will find a different scripture message, and or a note of encouragement or praise in thier mailbox. They might also find other treats in their mailbox along the way like Chuck E Cheese tokens, a coupon for Swirls their favorite ice cream place. I am even going to include a family game night coupon, a movie night coupon, and other things that our family loves doing together.
To get into the spirit of the month of Love I also decorated our table and little parts of our house.

I can't wait to hear their little footsteps run into the kitchen each morning to check their mail. Then be able to read their scripture and share with them each day about God's love. I do this to teach my children of God's love but in the end I learn as much as them.

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