Thursday, November 24, 2011

swing your partner round & round

A potluck meal with friends and family with a side of square dancing was a great way to spend our Saturday night. This was our 13th year with Mr. Arnold calling our square dance at the farm. Of course we can't forget the very competitive nail driving contest. All in all a great night!

We started off the night dancing with the kids, some enjoyed it more than others.

knox was very unsure



the parents are always more enjoyable to watch than the kids

myles, jack & jaye

reese, addison & rorey

1 year olds to well whatever age love taking a swing at the nail driving contest. We begin with the kids, then the girls competing then the boys. For a champion the girl winner and the boy winner compete at the end.

The championship round came down to Leandra and Bro. Dave
Wendy and Lea were the final 2 girls but Lea showed her up

My grandmother joined in this year!

joey created a hay fort for the boys and they loved it!!!

It is kind of ironic that it was a square dance & I did not capture one picture of anyone square dancing. I was too busy dancing myself!

The square dance is now a fall tradition, and has become one of my favorites. I just need to practice driving nails til next year.


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