Monday, November 7, 2011

The birthday on the Pier

A Sunny, slightly windy Fall Sunday afternoon was the perfect setting for my Dad's birthday lunch. To make his day a little more special, we enjoyed our lunch on a pier that he helped build behind our house. We admire my Dad and have been blessed with an amazing father. We loved spending the day honoring him on his birthday. Of course he said, " don't make it a big deal, do something easy, keep it small," the same comments we hear every year and of course, we did not listen. His birthday is worth making a big deal. He loves social gatherings and being surrounded by people so of course we invited our families and spent his day like he likes, surrounded by people.

Papa and his 2 boys

we used quilt toppers for our table cloths, and mismatched cloth napkins, and napkin rings to add even more color

the warm sun got to Knox and he couldn't withhold his nap any longer

NeNe didn't want Kase to sit alone since Knox was asleep so she joined him at the little table

Considering the pier is relatively narrow there was not lots of room to get up and roam around. Which actually created a really nice cozy feel. It also encouraged people to stay in their seats and visit just a little longer.

Dad said no presents and of course no one followed that rule either

It isn't a birthday if Aunt Suz doesn't get a singing birthday card, we have all come to expect them. She was enjoying dancing to the tune of this one.

The birthday on the Pier was a success, it actually has become one of my favorite dinner spots and we hope to celebrate more fun occasions there as well. We love you Dad and hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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