Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's a little Rain?

A crammed packed schedule with a lot of rain, sums up our crazy week!

What started as a family walk quickly turned into a sprint back to the house becuase of the downpour.

Which then of course became playing in the rain for the boys.

Kase had to be covered head to toe, jacket, hood and boots.

I don't think Knox even knew it was raining or that he was getting wet. They are SO different.

The rain followed us to our Sunday School Fall Party, but not before we wrapped it up.

We picked the perfect day to pick pumpkins! Well I thought it was fun, Scotty was less than thrilled. He did not understand why we had to do it in the sprinkling rain. Which then turned into a pouring rain!

We left with with more mud then pumpkins but I think it made it more fun! If you ask Scotty you get an entire different story. I wonder where Kase gets it?

The only thing the rain didn't get was Kase's indoor preschool fall party. It was so fun watching him with his new friends and in the preschool setting.

These two boys are always together. They refer to themselves as Batman and Robin, and the playhouse it now the batcave.

Even with the rain and the chaos of all the events crammed in one week, it was a great week!

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