Monday, October 3, 2011

a little side of seaside

Throw your keys in the drawer and grab your bike. There is no other way to see and enjoy the town of Seaside. The boys were thrilled to trade in their carseats for bike helmets and ride to breakfast, the market, beach, ice cream shops, and all the great places that Seaside has to offer.

The things we love about Seaside

1. Crowdless beaches
Kase said his job was to keep the "peacocks, eagles, & seaulgs" away from us. This job kept him very busy but he was persitant

the boys chose these shovels at their favorite store in seaside Duckies for fun.

2. Small town community feel

The entire town is built around the town amphitheatre. The kids love to play on the steps and play chase in the grass. The restraunts and stores are in a semi-circle around the amphitheatre and after dinner the kids run to the grass and play into the dark.

The picnic options are abundant. You just have to decide which place to hop off your bike and enjoy your picnic. Several days we enjoyed our breakfast from the bakery on the grass and in the shade.

3. Eclectic Shops
There are no chains in this town so all of the shops are locally owned and down a cobble stone street. They are full of great finds and very family friendly.

4. Hidden Playground & pool

Scotty took a morning to golf so the boys & I set out on our bikes to find the playground. It was worth the find and became a popular place for us that we visited each day.

5. ice cream shops and outside dining

6. Colorful houses & cobblestone streets

7. All the little details of this laid back town


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