Tuesday, September 6, 2011

& then there was 1

My mornings start on Tuesdays with 3 kiddos & after preschool dropoff I am down to 1. Knox and I usually run errands around town, but today I decided to limit my errands and make time to do things that Knox likes.

We had the run of the park since no one was around and the weather was perfect. I knew I had made a good choice when he started clapping and yelling, "yay" when he spotted the park .

Knox utilized his newly learned skip to get him to the slide as fast as he could. Then he turned around and came back and grabbed my hand. He usually hangs close to Kase but I guess I had to do today. I noticed that he really didn't know where to go & play. He always follows Kase and he couldn't believe that he got to choose himself.

We met Meme for a little shopping where she let him choose a toy that he wanted. He loved having the run of the store and being the center of attention.

While visiting the book store he chose short bread cookies as a snack and plopped on the floor pulling books off the shelf as fast as he could.

Once our arms were full of books we found a comfy chair to look through and read what he had chosen. He was walking so slow taking in every book around him. I turned around and began to walk backwards so I could keep an eye on him. Immediatley he did the same and walked backwards all the way to the chair. A reminder to watch what I do and say knowing that I have a little shadow @ all times.

We looked through books and some even twice. He would go back for more, then run to the seat and pat it and say "sit momma" then crawl on my lap.

In the end he chose 2 books for himself and 2 books for Kase. He calls all superheros batman and when he spotted a superhero book he yelled "batman" and brought it to me. It was a perfect choice for Kase.

While waiting to pick up the kids he read himself to sleep. Even though I did not get groceries, or half of my errands complete I had a wonderful morning. A morning that will be repeated more often!


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