Friday, September 9, 2011

feeling FALL

September 22 (first day of fall) can't come soon enough. However Fall is coming to my house this weekend. I can not wait any longer to rummage through my bins upstair and bribe Scotty to help me haul my decorations down from storage to make my house feel like Fall. I have heard comments from many people about how crazy it is that Hobby Lobby & other stores set out thier next season or holiday decorations out so early. But when I see the festive colors, and fun new decorations even if it is months too early I get excited. So bring it on Fall Welcome to the Kellys, we are feeling FALL!


  1. fall is such a beautiful time of year. your wreath and tree are such pretty colors - loving the turquoise color added!

  2. oh, I need that owl!!!!! WHERE???!!! Everything is so cute, Brooke!