Saturday, May 14, 2011

Strawberry Season

My mom is still haunted by the memories of picking strawberries on a hot sunny day with me laying on her back whining to go home. (Well, so she says!!)

I guess it didn't damage her too much because she still enjoys picking strawberries with Wendy and I (and now my little rug rats.) I think she was inwardly hoping that they would lay and roll on my back crying.

My grandaddy always has a beautiful garden (Wendy got his green thumb, I did not). So I am very thankful he shares his hard work with his family.

The boys and I went to pick strawberries in his garden the other day and it became a race against Knox and I.

I could not pick and hide the strawberries fast enough. He ate everything from dirt, stems, leaves and I think he got a little bit of strawberry in there as well. Actually, I know he did because he had red juice stains from his head to his toes! I can't say I blame him though, strawberries straight from the garden are the best.

I loved having my happy little helpers out there with me. They didn't want to miss out on any of it. They helped me pick, wash and cap them.

I have lots of ideas of what I want to do with these strawberries. Of course Scotty had a fresh strawberry milkshake that night. I am planning to make some freezer jam as well.

Any other new ideas of what I could do with these fresh strawberries?


  1. Have you ever made the shortcake recipe on the back of the bisquick box? It's not angel food cake, but more of a sweet biscut (how a shortcake should be in my opinion)! You can do them from scratch, but the bisquick method is super easy and almost as good. I love how uneven they bake when you just lump the dough on the cookie sheet. These strawberries and some home-made sweetened whipped cream would make a beautiful dessert, or if you have a sweet tooth like mine, just skip supper and have this for your meal :-)

  2. My mom makes the shortcake from scratch. I do not have patience for scratch so I will try the bisquick way. Thanks! I agree this would be better than any supper. Maybe it will be our Sunday Lunch tomorrow. Thanks

  3. I learned how to make strawberry pie this year! Its extra delicious with fresh strawberries!! :)