Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sign Me Up!

2 months of watching little kids play in the dirt, and all 20 of them running in a huddle chasing one little ball. Sign me up!

After a long drizzly rainy day I took both boys to the ballpark for Kase's first practice. It was not at all what I had envisioned. The 3 year old that begged me to play was not the same one that was crying at practice (on his behalf I did have to wake him up from his nap when we got there and oh yeah and I hit is head on the door trying to get him out of the car.) During this memorable practice Knox was running around trying to eat rocks and trash off the ground while I was trying to reason with Kase why he needed to run the bases. Boy was this going to be a long season. Were we going to be the first t-ball dropouts? Most imortantly was I going to have to admit to Scotty that he was right and Kase may be a little young to play?

Thank you Kase for pulling through!! He LOVED his first game. He got a hit off his first pitch and did great.

It is all he has talked about and all we have played in the yard ever since. So yeah, 2 months of this, I can't wait!

He loves having Jayden on his team. They kind of stick together out on the field as you can tell.

Knox cheers him on and can't wait til he can get out there.

Of course, he has a fan club.

Great Job Kase Grae!!

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