Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fun Idea!!

Why is it that throughout the year I can name off 100 things I need and or want, but when it is my birthday or Christmas and my family asks me what I want I can't think of 1 darn thing? I finally found the perfect solution!! I am not afraid to borrow ideas from friends (thanks Katye Guess) and this one I HAD to steal!

If you came in my kitchen you would find four different size canning jars that are decorated with colorful ribbons. They are odd and don't really match the decor but they serve a great purpose. Scotty, Kase, Knox and I all have our own jar.

(knox's little jar)

When we think of something that we want or need we either write it down, print off a picture, or rip out a magazine ad, and put it in the jar. (Girls it is important to put a little more information than that. Guys need to know where to get it, what color, they need the specifics.) When I think of something that boys might want or need I write it down and put it in thier individual jar.

(kase's jar)

Of course the teacher in me wants to use Kase's jar to teach him something as well. I want him to learn that just becuase he wants something doesn't mean that he gets it right away or at all. It is ok to look and to want things but he needs to understand that we don't get all that we want. So when he tells me or sees something that he wants I help him put it in his jar. Then we wait patiently.

Of course Knox wants a little bit more functionality out of his jar.

(i love how this kid thinks!)

Father's Day is coming up and instead of trying to think of something Scotty wants I can dig in his jar and pick what I want to get him knowing it is something that he wants. The great thing is that we forget what we even put in our jars so it's still a surprise.

We love our JARS!

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  1. We continue to pray for you. Your blog inspired me to dress mine up a little as well! Before I knew it I had spent 3 hours playing with it! Hope you are doing ok!