Tuesday, June 18, 2013

weekly visits = mini adventures

I am aware that my boys have a country accent but when Knox spouts out "hotel" he draws it out like "ho-tale" and sounds like  the countriest kid ever. He has wore this word out the past couple of weeks since we have spent way to much time in a "ho-tale".

Scotty may be trying to get away from us (kidding) but we just pack up and follow. We have been visiting him in the middle of each week he has been away and the boys have loved it. I am not loving him being away but  on the bright side it has given us time to spend with Jen, Ava (knox calls her aba) & Greyson during the day.

After flipping 2 picnic tables, losing a couple of kids, peeing in inappropriate places, burning legs on hot slides, stepping on a kid, getting muddy,  and tumbling off a rock head first we chalked it up to a successful day at Shelby Farms Park. 
Then made a date for the zoo the next week.
A little zoo prep & we were ready.
Kase chose to learn more about Giraffes & of course Knox chose a truly disgusting animal the hippo.

 When asking Knox what he has learned in his "search" (research) on hippos he proudly states that they mark their territory by slinging their feces. Disgusting, but sadly only made him love hippos more.

I am beyond thankful that it doesn't take much to amuse my boys. So hanging out in the hotel waiting for Scotty is an adventure to them. Sharing the hotel pool with the local elderly exercise group was just an added bonus. 

We have however been on the search for John Luke (knox's imaginary friend) he apparently lives in a hotel with a purple roof, and can you believe he bit Knox's toe the other day? We have yet to find him but you never know what tomorrow will bring.
Until then we are going to enjoy summer to its fullest.

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