Saturday, August 10, 2013

kicks & interests

When Scotty has an interest he puts a 100% into it. Whether it is a hobby or type of food he is all about it for a while and then slowly he moves onto his next thing. 

I am slowly seeing the boys fall into these kicks as well. They choose a toy or theme and play and play giving it their full attention and then move onto the next thing.


I have never been a collector per say but I guess I do, dare I say, get into kicks. No, I refuse to fall into the pressure from the boys in my house. Mine are not kicks they are interests.
So my "interests" at the time being are cookie jars.
 My vintage antique finds are at the top of my list. Like anything in my house (because I have a weird fetish about rearranging and moving things around, Scotty loves it, I say sarcastically) they have been displayed in many different places. Currently they are front and center on our kitchen table. Little hands love them as well.
Another needed interest has been adding non-fiction books to my reading list.  I am loving this book and the wisdom it imparts, as well as the girls that I am reading it with & of course a good cup of coffee.
Random quilts and blankets are a definite interest.

A major interest every summer and every season it seems are making memories.

A summer & the collections it brings aren't complete without spending loads of time with friends and having conversations at parks, by the pool, under the stars, and at the beach. Stretching the days out as long as we can, and savoring these moments that God has blessed us with.
I am beyond thankful that God doesn't have kicks or interests and that his love is unconditional and consistent & not just for a season in our life.


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