Saturday, May 18, 2013

one thing to another

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you literally run from one thing to another?

 Where you are grabbing,jerking,dressing and feeding the kids only to run out the door to the next thing. 

Trying to keep some sense of organized chaos without leaving a kid behind or ending up in the wrong place?
Only to find out in the middle of this madness that Scotty has to go out of town for a few days!! What??? Take deep breaths, so what if we are late, or not completely dressed or skip a few meals.

Truth be told I wouldn't have wanted to miss one event this past week & I secretly like organized chaos, I throw the organized part in there but really it is just chaos.

A crazy mother's day weekend led right into a chaotic week but thankfully ended in peaceful bliss.

I reached for my camera several times this week only to remember the SD card was left at home , so grainy cell phone photos it is.
Thanks to the beautiful mess app 
I added a little fun to the photos.

Catching up with the Shumates & finally meeting sweet Gates
Cramming in a 5k & stopping by the strawberry festival.

Prepping for Camping

Preschool Picnic

Baseball Games

Noonday Collection party 
Proceeds help support local adoptions as well as supporting moms in foreign countries.
Sleepover while the guys are away

Awana Awards

End of the year Preschool Celebration

I was a mom bursting with pride when he confidently sang his duet!

squeezing in a pedicure

Finally finding a seat close to the fire to spend quality time with friends while throwing in a little bit of nature. 

Crammed as the week was we made so many great memories!! Our amazing friends & family make the chaos completely worth it!

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