Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic Fun

Ethiopia or "Epiopia" ask Knox calls it. has been a very big topic in our house and family since Wendy & Brandon have decided to adopt from there. We have checked, inspected and traced the route on the map to their cousin a million times. 
What a great way to teach them more about different countries and cultures than the Olympics.  
So on opening night we all gathered around watching for not one country this year but 2, Ethiopia and USA. 
We made it into a celebration so the boys would really get into it and see the fun of all the countries competing in London. I think it worked! 
Every night the boys help Scotty and I cheer on the US.

 What's a celebration without some decorations and a few fun treats?

Our family is such great sports, and play along and join in on the craziness. 

A couple of Sharpies, a white t-shirt and a coffee mug can create fun, cheap Olympic apparel.  

We haven't broke the news to the boys that the summer Olympics only come every 4 years. 

Speaking of Olympic sports, this summer Lego's have turned into an Olympic event at our house. The boys have been intrigued with building and constructing their super hero friends. 
To get a little more organization and to stop the madness of every step I take I step on one, I decided to check into a Lego table. After searching I realized they are not cheap and I couldn't find one I loved. So I went with Plan B. I pulled out a $5 yard sale table and made our own Lego Table for the boys. I used a Lego table base, and then added these plastic bins to sort and organize the different Lego's. 

It has been a hit with them, and with my budget!


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