Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Swimsuits getting pushed to the back of the drawer, the smell of new crayons, fresh new haircuts, and either big smiles or lots of tears are always signs of a new school year. 

This year we were all smiles at our house as Kase started 4 year old preschool. Now next year I have a feeling we will not be so cheerful,  kindergarten is right around the corner and I am trying to ignore it and enjoy this year. 

 We want to greet each new school year with excitement. So last year we started a back to school tradition with a celebration dinner, or outing the night before. 
A caramel apple bar was a hit and was a great way to say good-bye to summer and welcome another great year of preschool. 

 Kase continually reminded Knox that this was his celebration. Of course it did not slow down Knox a bit from enjoying himself. 

A breakfast made for a preschooler with a double shot of hot chocolate, and chocolate milk got him going for the day. 

Last year he was a little nervous about a new school and new friends. This year he was yelling out of his window at his friends and couldn't wait to give his new teachers a treat. 

 Knox however,  had the exact same reaction this year as he did last year. 

He repeated I want Kase Kelly for a good 15 minutes. 

A night time celebration for a great first day!! 
My prayer is that God will bless us with many more new and great beginnings, and through all of the changes in our families lives that we keep God the center. 


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