Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer Shrek Fest

Grabbing up the kids and throwing some stuff in the car is beginning to be my favorite way to travel . 
 I came across the Summer Shrek Fest at the Opryland Hotel. It worked great for us because there were enough activities scheduled to keep the boys interested but not too many to wear us out. 
The boys earned their Shrek ears and Kung Fu Panda activity books @ check in. Which were a hit. 

I have to be honest the Shrek costumes were really big and a little bit scary. Knox loved any animal costumes but the Ogres made him a little bit nervous. 

We were able to join 9 characters from Shrek, Puss n Boots, Kung Fu Panda, and Madagascar in a parade. They dressed us up to match a particular character theme, we walked with Fiona. The boys were in charge of giving out candy. They took this job very serious and didn't miss a child. It was a lot of fun, and Knox waved his little arm off. 

Whats a weekend without a Cracka Lackin Pool Party with the Madagascar Friends. The kids loved hugging and dancing with these characters by the pool. 

We ended the night with a poolside movie.  

Rotten Eggs, Swamp juice, and Ogre waffles were all apart of the Shrek character breakfast. The fondue fountain was of course Shrek green. 

We couldn't be that close to Opry Mills and not make a little time for shopping. Of course the boys wanted to camp out in the Lego Store.

 They were also set on the Rainforest Cafe. So after an hour and a half wait we were all so tired that we could barely make it through the meal. 

I love making memories with my boys and love watching their faces when they are filled with excitement. This weekend was full of both. 


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