Friday, April 27, 2012

fun snacks

I would not say that I am a messy person, or a really neat person. I think I qualify as a middle of the road cleaner. However sometimes I just let things go way to long which leads to a cleaning rampage!! Which then takes me to the other extreme and I begin to throw everything away and am later searching for many items that I recently pitched.
Scotty has tried to explain that taking the time to clean and organize as you go is the way to be efficient, but for some reason that is not my style.
My cleaning rampage spilt over from my closet and bathroom and into my kitchen. I felt like an inspector tearing through my pantry searching for expiration dates, and things we will never eat or that I did not even know we had.
 My weekly menu helps me organize my grocery list and keeps me from standing and staring in the fridge each day searching for 2 or 3 ingredients that I could throw together and call supper.

Side note: I have found that using post it's to write each nights meal is way easier than erasing the chalk pen each week and I tear it off each day.
This week I was determined to cook using things in our cleaned out pantry (another kick I get on often, which makes for some random meals sometimes).
Most of the time I have little helpers @ the grocery which would explain our 3 boxes of chocolate graham crackers, they are good but 3 boxes really?
So this week our snacks consisted of chocolate graham crackers. A couple of years ago a mom brought this snack to school for a party and I loved it. It is easy, and only has 3 ingredients which is my style.

Slap some cool whip between 2 graham crackers shake on some sprinkles, freeze & eat. Doesn't get much easier! My boys can help me make them and most definitely help eat them.
We also dipped graham crackers in some white chocolate that we had stowed away in our pantry, we threw on sprinkles because they make everything better and cuter.

So now we are down to 2 boxes of graham crackers and have fun good snacks for the week.


  1. Two excellent idea's to make cookie eating more fun. BRAVO!

  2. My daughter loves anything that you can put sprinkles on. We are totally making the frozen ones. :) Thanks for sharing at A Pinteresting Party!

  3. Thanks for sharing at Sunday Round Up.

  4. I love this! We buy grahams at Costco so we always have a steady supply. Love the idea of dipping them in chocolate with sprinkles. We may have to try that! Vicky from

  5. Those really look yummy and something I think my kiddos would love to have as a snack! Thanks for sharing!