Saturday, April 14, 2012

by the fire

Have you ever had one of those "yuck" days.
Nothing is really wrong & you just can't pinpoint why you have that feeling, but it will not leave. Maybe it's just me, but that "yuck" day payed me a visit this past week.
After praying and realizing that sometimes we just get these feelings and that they will pass, I decided to end the day on a good note and to stop focusing on the yuck.
I follow a blog where a mom of 2 talks about sitting by a fire & how it is such a great way to end her day. I thought Why not try it?
I lugged our fire pit up by my favorite chair on the porch and began starting a fire. Realizing very quickly that the fire would have to wait on Scotty because clearly it is harder than it looks.
Then I settled in with a blanket and enjoyed the glow from the fire. Scotty was out with some friends so the boys and I settled on the porch with supper, blankets and a movie.

To top the night off I fixed a Cherry Coke with 3 straws to share with my boys.
They happily indulged.
A movie of their choice kept them still and cuddled up to me.

Well it worked, that "yuck" feeling was long gone.
4 hours later the boys sauntered into the house to visit with Scotty once he returned home. I chose to stay under my warm blanket and enjoy a movie that was not a cartoon.
Now I see what sitting by the fire is all about and I will definitely repeat the events of this night again!

Inspired by Family Magazine


  1. Our firepit is pretty active during the summer and fall evenings for family "weinie roasts"!Here is our offering this week: Fox Tails--

  2. Aww fun photos!!

  3. So nice that you can still do that. In Florida, it's way too hot to get the fire started. Thanks for sharing on Mauvin' Monday!

  4. One too many yuck days sometimes, lol. Love the shots! Just wanted to stop by and encourage you to stop by and submit your photos to our 12 days of capturing motherhood through your lens photo challenge:
    Great prizes to be won or you can do it just for fun!