Sunday, April 8, 2012

the hunt is on...

We were reminded during our Easter service that there will be NO greater news than the news that Christ rose from the dead.
To make sure my boys don't get caught up in only the fun treats of Easter & not the most important part, I have noticed I am constantly giving little pop quizzes to Kase. Randomly asking why do we celebrate Easter again, why is his resurrection important, how many days after he died, and how did he die? After a few quizzes he started answering, "momma you know!" Next year I need to get a little more creative and meaningful in teaching him about Easter besides just questions, and books. Along with pop quizzes, we had several Easter hunts, hunts for all ages!

the boys hide the eggs, & the girls find them
Aunt Wendy & Uncle Brandon got the boys sleeping bags to take camping
Nonnie spread out Easter treats in a path that led to the pond

treats for our new niece or nephewmom still spoils us with bags of goodies

Lea got the boys a slip n slide, so of course we had to try it out

and a little bit of baseballtreats Kase & I made for his preschool class

We ended the weekend enjoying the Masters & a great dinner with more family.

Celebrating the resurection with our family is a great way to teach and show my boys love, blessings, and the importance of putting Christ first in our lives.

Happy Easter!


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  2. What a beautiful family! Thanks for linking up to Mauvin' Monday.