Monday, February 20, 2012

birthday palooza!

It is that time of year where the birthdays and parties have not been a sprint but a marathon & we have paced ourselves for all of the excitement and cake & candy my kids have taken in. From Superman, Popcorn, Hello Kitty, Pool Party, Dr. Seuss, Tinkerbell, Cupcake, & Pizzeria we have hit all of themes & have loved them all.

I wish I would have had my camera @ them all to capture the great themes as well as all the cute kids playing together. However I did good to get my kids there, a couple of times Scotty & I had to split forces just to make them all and even had to call in back up to Meme to take them to one while we were out of town.
I even took the boys to a party that was non-existent. I now double check all times & dates on invitations, showing up & dragging your kids out of ya ya's island crying was not my favorite moment. It was almost as bad as having to call them mom & ask where they were only to find out oops wrong weekend!
We are a family that loves birthdays and celebrations & are very thankful for the family and friends that we get to celebrate with.

This month we have loved being able to celebrate both of our moms birthdays. Their birthdays are 2 days apart but we celebrated them back to back. Our house was hopping this week. For my mom we went with a cupcake theme, your never to old for cupcakes!

For Sandy we went with a pizzeria. I pre-cooked the dough & everyone made their own mini pizza then stuck them back in the oven or grill to melt the cheese.

It was a busy week but we loved our home being filled our families.Photobucket

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