Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My "Dan In Real Life"

If you haven't seen Steve Carell's Dan In Real Life then you need to add it to your Netflix list. As I watch the family in the movie excersice, eat, cook, sing, and play together as a family it reminds me of our family weekends at the lake. Weekends that we enjoy taking morning runs , cooking, playing cards, sittingg on the porch and reading, and enjoying boating together. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a weekend.

This past weekend we traveled to the lake to celebrate Father's Day and enjoy a sunny weekend.

My boys love the lake and every time we leave we have to drag Kase to the car crying because he does not want to leave. I agree with him but think I may be a little old to be drug to the car crying but if I thought it would help me stay longer I think I might try it.

Aunt Wendy introduced Kase to water balloons this weekend.

Wendy is so great with the boys and plans fun things for them to do. However she might regret this one.

Kase loved hiding and surprising everyone with a balloon. Some of their expressions were priceless especially moms.

Of course Knox was not far behind. He had a little trouble getting them to pop, and understanding that they weren't balls ,and that we didn't want to play catch.

Wendy also had a tie-dying project she wanted Kase to help with. Kase of course being a typical boy was easily distracted with a glass of water and rubber bands so she didn't get much help, but he had fun.

We enjoyed going to church with Scottys Dad on Father's Day, then headed back to the lake to enjoy a great meal. We were surrounded by wonderful fathers.

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