Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An additional traveler

Since Knox has turned 3 his imagination has run rapid.
Conversations from the plane:

Me:  Look Knox I see trees, roads and cars.
Knox:  I see alligators and they are chomping! But its OK because if you throw me out of the plane I have a rocket on my back.
Me: really good to know
Knox: Mom does glue stick to teeth?

I am loving these conversations more and more because this is who Knox is. When Knox is telling a story Kase is hot on his heels like a disclaimer to inform anyone in his best whisper voice "he makes stuff up!"
But to Knox it is not made up.
John Luke 13 is his new (imaginary) friend. (I think he is confusing bible references)

 From many conversations we have learned the following about John Luke 13:
  • He is 6
  • he met him at McDonald's
  • he is green like the Hulk 
  • he is a good guy
  • he breaks our beds, and can make some big messes

He is always coming to visit tomorrow but we have still yet to meet him. "Maybe tomorrow" he always says.  
All his stories start with " my friend, my friend John Luke 13".

So our family plus John Luke 13 enjoyed some time in the sunshine state!

On our beach run we found this pier of rocks. Kase said it was the best rock climbing wall ever.  

Seashell hunts 

Of course the most magical part. "The Magic Kingdom"

I wish I knew a way to bottle these memories so 10 years from now I can go back to these exact moments and hear their sweet voices and see excitement in their eyes. I am blessed to be their mom.


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  1. Such a sweet story and love the pictures! Thank you for sharing.