Saturday, March 23, 2013

bubblegum & ice cream cones

About 2 years ago Scotty came home with an old bubblegum machine filled with colorful break your teeth gumballs. As soon as Knox learned to chew gum it became a daily ritual to scavenge through the house or anywhere for that matter for a dime. One dime is all he needs to fulfill his addiction to the sugar filled gum.
A bubblegum theme at his request led us to his "Bubblegum Birthday Brunch!

For the "real day" birthday he wanted ice cream cones. 

these are cotton candy stuffed in waffle cones

While trying to keep in stride with his brother his new four wheeler will be helpful. 

 "Man, I used the last candle the other day," I said.
"You can use one of mine," said Knox as he ran to his kitchen and dug through his toys & pulled out this wooden candle. 

The porcelain ice cream cone plates were a find last summer at an antique shop. So when Scotty says "Brooke, when are you going to use these?"  I will pull up this picture!

Knox knows what he wants and what he doesn't, he is his brothers shadow but yet still his own little person, he has a mind of his own and is crazy independent. I loved celebrating Knox and who he is & pray that God uses him for his glory.



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